Saint Lucia
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Visionaries are born, not made

Visionaries are born and not made and so this description surrounds several professions, hence the term “SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLES”.  There is no doubt that from the first day Allen Chastanet moved into the political arena his foes were simply waiting to pounce upon him and after sixteen years in the game, the situation has not changed and will probably never change.  The question is why has Allen persisted in this calling.  The guy is convinced he has a role to play and offers the people of St Lucia a better life.  Despite all the criticism, the ups and downs of his political career, ninety percent of St Lucians will tell you he is a visionary and no one can deny him of these qualities. 

On another note, what makes his adversaries very bitter and jealous becomes more and more profound.  One needs to simply reflect on what he has pushed for since getting into politics.  Starting with Soufriere, he was the architect of the following projects – 1. The destruction and construction of the Soufriere bridge 2. The Hummingbird Beach Project 3. The Market and Bus terminal 4. The design changing of the Soufriere Square originally started by the SLP 5. The new football field for which he was heavily criticized.  6. The redesigning of the Sulphur Springs Bath. 7. The new HIA terminal 8. The new St Jude Hospital. 10. The Beausejour dam in Vieux Fort upgrading same from one million gallons per day to five million gallons. 11. The Cabot Development. 12. The upgrading of the Castries Market. 13. The ongoing construction of the Marriot Hotel at Pointe Seraphine. 14. All the road improvements throughout the country until the slogan became PEOPLE DON’T EAT ROADS.  And don’t’ forget when the SLP won the elections in 2011 the SLP threatened to have him arrested and brought to the courts for breaking down an outdated Soufriere bridge.  Don’t forget the demolition of the old prison which remained unattended for twenty years but only caught the eye of obstructionists when the demolition took place.  Don’t’ forget that an SLP politician, with a British Lord advised that the structure should not only be demolished but dynamited fifteen years before it was actually demolished.

Today, the transformation of the old Daher Mall has emerged purely by the vision of the same Allen Chastanet and not a dime of government funding was injected yet clause 6 of the agreement clearly shows that fifteen years from this date the building will be transferred to the St Lucia Government from the rental of the two top floors for government offices.  Like all of his visionary plans the Daher Mall and other successful projects will only be remembered in our history books.

On a parting note, it is worthwhile mentioning that the number of buildings erected since the assumption of the SLP into office twenty-two months ago, has been dismal, to say the least.


Our slogan today is IT IS BETTER TO BE HATED THAN BEING JEALOUS OF.  The critics in Cabinet are far too backward to comprehend the concept of a vision but remain focused on the destruction of one man.