Saint Lucia
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Ti Kaye Resort and Spa Embraces World Tourism Day 2023 “Green Investment” Theme


TOURISM and Green Investment is the overarching theme for World Tourism Day 2023, a concept that Saint Lucia’s Ti Kaye Resort and Spa has embraced since its establishment twenty (20) years ago. Perched atop the pristine Anse Cochon Bay along the island’s west coast, the resort continues to make every effort to leave the smallest carbon footprint.

Several green initiatives work in tandem across the resort and play a significant part in the overall functioning of Ti Kaye Resort and Spa. The desalination plant utilizes readily available natural resources, treats saltwater on-site, and eliminates the need for public water services. Along the same vein, the resort also recycles wastewater from sinks and showers across the site, filtering and sanitizing that water, and reusing it on the property’s farm.

The farm, run by Yanez Regis from the neighbouring community, produces a variety of crops including pineapples, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and squash. All vegetables are used in the resort’s kitchen. This cyclic approach continues as all kitchen scraps are composted and used on the farm. The resort’s management is committed to maintaining this model to protect the natural environment while providing a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. “We follow a triple bottom line approach. That means we work hard to turn a profit, but at no expense to our collective future. Going green and becoming increasingly environmentally friendly was a logical step for us, and we encourage all companies to invest in similar initiatives at the soonest”, shared Nick Pinnock, Ti Kay Resort and Spa’s Managing Director.

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa’s green initiatives are reducing the amount of waste being added to Saint Lucia’s landfill. “We plan to build on its existing green foundation and positive environmental impact. Ti Kaye Resort and Spa will eventually bolster its solar PV grid system until the property is 100% solar powered and intends to invest in more environmentally friendly infrastructure like electric vehicles. Soon enough, we will make a concerted effort to inform our guests of our green initiatives, and explain how they’re part of the bigger green picture”, noted Mr Pinnock.

This World Tourism Day, Ti Kaye Resort and Spa rallies all tourism brands to embrace climatefriendly solutions to secure the sustainability of the industry and ensure guests can enjoy these experiences for decades to come.