Saint Lucia
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Team Saint Lucia Triumphs in Draughts Tournament


THE game of draughts has evolved from not just another free-time hobby or street challenge among individuals, but has taken on a twist into a full-fledged competitive sport.

Draughts players from Saint Lucia and Grenada recently completed one of its annual Draughts Challenges, here -with Team Saint Lucia emerging victorious in the contest that was held at the Castries City Constituency (CCC) hall, from September 17 to 21.

According to local sources, the game of draughts on the island is being given greater recognition by the Alternative Sports Section within the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports

In recognition of their exploits, an Awards Ceremony was recently held at the ministry’s base to reward outstanding players.

Youth and Sports Officer Clivus Jules described the exchange as a venture that can promote regional integration. He acknowledged the input of the organisers and competitors in the event .

While expressing the importance of this undertaking, Jules said, “We sometimes under-estimate and under-play the role that we as individuals play in (the process of) regional integration. But on your own …you have taken up this initiative to have a great exchange and to participate in regional integration.”

He is optimistic that this experience will help nurture friendships “that will last for years to come …and it has given us experiences and exchanges that will benefit out two respective countries.”

Adam Andall, a representative of the Grenada Draughts Association noted that the game of draught has helped shape his character and has been rewarding.

“Draughts is a unique game …and this is the only sport apart from chess that bridges the generation gap,” he declared. “And I want to thank draughts for causing me to be a critical thinker. I used to be wayward a little bit, but when I started in this game it taught me a lot and …draughts shape you for life.”

Andall adds that he would like to see more young people participate in the game “so that we have continuity”. He said, since nowadays the youth get easily distracted, their participation in games like chess and draughts “where you have to sit and learn to make meaningful decisions, I feel that the next generation will be in good hands.”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the Saint Lucia Draughts Association intends to reciprocate this venture, by visiting Grenada, next year, as part of the exchange.