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Tyrese Confronted By DJ Envy For Disrespecting His Wife

Tyrese was on The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning to talk about his new music and acting career, but things quickly went South as DJ Envy slammed the “Sweet Lady” artiste over remarks he made to Gia Casey, Envy’s wife.

While on the show, Envy brought up a past incident where Tyrese and Charlamagne were beefing. Tyrese, however, says that he was “psych med Tyrese” when he was having a medical issue that resulted in him having several meltdowns online and even claimed that Will Smith gifted him $5 million.

Envy says he had to take a step back from Tyrese and tried to talk to him but he had to avoid the artiste after he disrespected his wife.

“When you were talking the way you were I took a step back because I didn’t know what you were going through,” Envy said as Tyrese added, “How convenient,” hinting that people around him avoided him instead of being there to help.

However, Envy said Tyrese crossed the line.

“I never talked to your wife in a disrespectful manner, and you talked to mine in a disrespectful manner and I never told anybody that. Even when you on psych meds and you could say you weren’t, but as a man, but some of the things you said Tyrese deserve for me to box your mouth,” Envy said.

Envy said that he was bringing it up because Tyrese asked him if he had to take a step back as Charlamagne Tha God and a co-host intervened.

However, Envy went on to say that his wife does not deal with Tyrese anymore because of the incident. He also said that when Tyrese was on psych meds, he and his wife had a conversation where they showed the singer sympathy for what was happening to his life.

Tyrese also seemed shell-shocked at the disclosure, but he was receptive to DJ Envy as he explained that his conduct was out of his control because he was on medications. The singer added that he has spoken to others who were impacted by his behavior.

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“The things that I said and did, the people that I rubbed the wrong way, the things that I posted, my conduct overall was literally out of my control, I literally prayed that people can find it in their heart to not hold me to something that I said and did while I was literally out of my mind,” Tyrese said.

Earlier this week Tyrese went off on his ex-wife Samantha on Instagram calling her a gold digger.