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Truth Comes with Consequences!

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

AS man ensures that every single commodity essential for financial gain is explored and exploited, nobody cares about the consequences.

As in the case of Brazil, we all know the exploitation of the rain forest, the cutting millions of trees for  lumber and mining other natural resources, deemed to be necessary for stabilization of the planet, yet it is always about exploitation and revenue derived from that venture.

No different from the exploitation of the sea, or the source of fossil fuels, gold, diamonds, aluminum, iron and any other mineral deemed an asset with economic benefits.

As for the further exploitation of Humankind, of Man by Man through the health services and the cost of health care, the law and judicial system (as it relates to breaking laws), the cost to getting an education, the cost to be housed either through building or renting, or to eat, or to deal with basic and necessary items to sustain basic living — all that should concern us. 

Now, nobody can live without technological gadgets, or the use of electricity, or water, just name the need and it comes at a cost, and there is no shortage of suppliers. 

Even outlawed products are available hence the advent of the black market. 

There is an old saying that money makes the mare fly, and Sparrow sang about ‘No Money, No Love’, no assets means no bargaining chips, no savings means no support, no insurance means no repayments, and no commitment brings no gains, meaning no work no money or no means of making a living. 

So, in other words, nothing is for free and to live you must pay and not being prepared to pay means no service. So, through selective means some have and can beat the odds, but for a large segment in society being able to afford can be daunting.

Gone are the times when nature was our refuge, when we could get by on bare nothing, but everything now is contaminated — from our foods to the water we drink, the air we breathe, the system is toxic and it ensures the sicker we become the more dependent we become on the same system to assist us.

Governments and churches, as well as major corporations, are all there for our needs, which means it usually has to profit someone, or some entity. 

You can’t fly or sail or in any way leave your confined country or space without the authorities profiting from your venture. 

We are the products of life, we cannot live unless we are exploited by some entity, meaning we must pay the piper.

There seems to be no way and no means of avoiding paying to the system, considering all living beings are targeted to ensure maximum profits, considering too that money talks and bullshit walks. 

Now we have destroyed, plundered and extracted all that the Earth had given us, now the planet is rebelling, so the weather and climate is retaliating and all our efforts through greed and persistent want could be threatened by the planet rebelling against these exploits that continue without consideration.

 There is no rational thinking, nobody is saying ‘slow down’, no one says ‘enough is enough’. It seems it’s about full speed ahead.

So, in conclusion, I question when will we deal with this reality and will Man prosper or become a victim of his greed. 

When all the existing conditions continue, be it fires or floods or extreme weather, how will we deal with things? Can we fight back? Can we demand closure? Can we desire that our governments rethink their development goals? 

Your guess is as good as mine, so I pray and hope that some sort of sensibility comes to the table before it’s too late. 

And can we grow to suppress some needs… I think we just want too much, and nobody seems contented.