Saint Lucia
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Saint Lucians Cautioned About Potential Record High Temperatures


Saint Lucians have been requested to be on the alert for an exceptional hot summer, this year.

According to reports emanating from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services, a warning has been issued advising residents that temperatures will rise as El Nino officially begins and may set global records for high temperatures.

Reports indicate that El Nino was last active in 2016, when the world experienced its hottest year ever.

It has been further reported that there are no indications that the extreme heat will subside anytime soon.

Andre Joyeux, Director of the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services, says that the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecasts are somewhat contradictory.

El Nino is the anticipated phenomenon, and it inhibits the creation of convection in hurricanes, usually indicating fewer tropical storms and hurricanes.

On the other hand, the Atlantic waters around the Caribbean are a little warmer than usual, and more rains are expected, which typically results in greater convection.

The peak of the hurricane-related heat season is expected to occur between July and September, with the most extreme temperature recorded in the past few months being around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the upcoming months, this is expected to rise by at least one degree. Warmer seas are expected to correlate with greater temperatures on land because our climate is dependent on the ocean.

Joyeux says that analysts foresee an above-normal wet season in terms of temperature. During the hot summer months, it is common to experience record-breaking high temperatures, sweltering heat, dry winds, and increased dehydration.

The Met Service proclaims a “heatwave” and urges people to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking precautions to prevent health problems.

The general public is urged to avoid alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks as these substances cause the body to lose more fluid, which is not ideal amid the sweltering heat. Instead, they should drink plenty of water.

It is also advisable to avoid consuming stale or expired food and keep windows and doors open when cooking.