Saint Lucia
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Saint Lucian Karatekas Excel

Chanice Searles (at right) was awarded the 3rd Kyu Brown Belt rank.

Shotokan Karate-do International Federation Saint Lucia (SKIF Saint Lucia) conducted its 53rd Karate Examinations and Grading exercises on March 28 and 29.

The examinations were conducted by Shuseski Shihan Manabu Murakami (8th Dan) Chief Instructor of Shotokan Karate-do International Federation Japan assisted by Sensei Ezra Jn. Baptiste (6th Dan), Chief Instructor of SKIF Saint Lucia. Dan (Black Belt) examinations were conducted on the 28th March with the following results: Cianna Dalsan (1st Dan), Trevor Bristol (2nd Dan); Kara-Lee Emmanuel-Theobalds (3rd Dan); Karim Sifflet (4th Dan).

On 29th March , 69 karatekas from six affiliates of SKIF Saint Lucia (Bushido Shotokan Karate-do Academy, Zanshin Karate Dojo, Budoshin Karate Dojo, Kaizen Shotokan Karate School; Ikikata Shotokan Karate School; Yamanose) participated in the Kyu (below black belt) examination.

The results were as follows: 46 beginners were graded to Yellow belt; 10 Yellow belt holders to Orange belt; 5 Orange belt holders to Green belt; 4 Green belt holders to Blue Belt; 1 Blue belt holder to Purple Belt and 1 Blue holder to Brown Belt; 2 Purple belt holders to Brown Belt.

The main highlight of the Kyu Examination was the exceptional performance of Chanice Searles who was awarded the 3rd Kyu Brown Belt rank. Her focused and spirited exhibition of karate technique received unhesitating recognition by the examination panel. Karatekas, parents, and instructors were elated at the result and rendered an almost non-ending applause.

Saint Lucian Karatekas Excel

SKIF Saint Lucia Chief Instructor Sensei Ezra Jn. Baptiste urged the karatekas to continue striving for perfection of character through continuous hard training and commitment to achieve. He also encouraged parents and other well-wishers and supporters to join an SKIF Saint Lucia Dojo and help grow the affiliate organization.

The head instructors and co-instructors of the Affiliate Dojos came in for high praise for their commitment to the growth and development of karate as a sport and as recreational activity, which has resulted in a rebound in participation in karate activities after a heavy decline in participation due to COVID 19.

According to a spokesperson, SKIF Saint Lucia Calendar of Activities for the year includes; self-defense seminars, Give Back to Community Drive, National Championship, Awards and Recognition Night.

The organization acknowledges the assistance of the Gros Islet Constituency Council and the staff of the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Centre (where the examination activity was held) for their support and assistance.