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Psychotherapist Believes Saint Lucia Experiencing A Mental Health Crisis – St. Lucia Times

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Psychotherapist and Clinical Counsellor Alison Edward believes that a mental health crisis has occurred in Saint Lucia, where there has been a spike in diagnoses of mental health issues.

“I could only talk about the experience that we have at the (Mental) Wellness Centre,” Edward told the DBS Television programme, Newsmaker Live on Wednesday.

“There is a situation in Saint Lucia. I think Saint Lucia is in a crisis when it comes to mental health. Mental health diagnosis is on the rise. There is a high rate of diagnoses like schizophrenia, major depression, major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder,” she disclosed.

She advocated introducing appropriate legislation, more inclusion, and community social activities involving organisations like churches.

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Edward told programme Host Timothy Poleon that Mental Wellness Centre counsellors try to help people with mental health issues to cope.

She explained that the patients get medication.

Edward said psychiatrists visit, medication is monitored, and the centre has counsellors available.

“We treat the mental illness with medication and therapy,” she stated.

Regarding legislation, she observed that a lot has to do with stigma.

“We have to look in terms of education,” Edward said.

In addition, she noted that some people with mental health issues are on the streets.

“We have to look at what is in place for people who are mentally ill. Where can they go? Is there a halfway house besides the Wellness Centre? How you are going to educate people and let them know that the National Wellness Centre is a place you can go to and get treatment?”

Edward also spoke of the need to scrutinise the available medication.

“Are there new and improved medication that they have now on the market? Are we getting them and why are we using the same medication all across the board throughout the Islands?” The psychotherapist asked.

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