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Mavado Snubs Flippa Mafia On Stage Alkaline’s New Rules New York

Mavado seems to have shrugged off Flippa Mafia during his performance at Alkaline’s New Rules event in New York over the weekend.

Flippa Mafia seems to be making a comeback to the dancehall scene after his early release on parole late last year. The dancehall artiste known as the ‘Flossing King’, was released on October 31st from the East Jersey State Prison after spending almost nine (9) years for drug trafficking.

It seems he’s getting back on track and was seen on the stage at the New Rules New York event, where he got the cold shoulder from Mavado while the “Caribbean Girls” artiste performed.

The successful event was hosted by dancehall artiste Alkaline on Sunday, and videos showed Mavado performing for a thong of excited fans. However, videos taken by fans shared by OnStage showed an awkward interaction between Mavado and Flippa Mafia, almost as if the former refused to acknowledge the artist, who also goes by the name Flippa Moggela.

As he performed his song “Last Night”, Mavado is seen standing on the edge of the stage close to the fans. As he turns and backs the crowd, Flippa is seen rushing to the artiste as if trying to embrace him.

However, Mavado does not acknowledge Flippa or even look at him while Flippa sings part of the song.

Flippa’s facial expression changes, and he seems to have shrugged at the flippant behavior of Mavado, but he still sings the artiste’s song to play off the entire thing. Mavado, on the other hand, continues to entertain his fans and does not verbally address the incident.

There are reports that after Mavado completed his performance, Flippa attempted to embrace the artiste a second time. However, this time, despite Mavado clearly not being interested in a hug with Flippa, the artist still embraced him.

It’s unclear what might have caused Mavado’s reaction to Flippa, but some fans have mused that it could be because Flippa decided to plead guilty to drug charges and cut a plea deal with authorities back in 2016.

Flippa Mafia, whose real name is Andrew Davis, was charged along with his girlfriend Marsha Bernard and his brothers Kemar and Roger Davis in relation to an alleged international drugs transshipment scheme where they were accused of bringing in large shipments of cocaine into New Jersey and distributing it to other drug traffickers under the direction of Flippa and his brother Kemar.

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Flippa Mafia’s early release from prison, even though he was sentenced to 25 years, has raised eyebrows in some circles.

“He did his time flippa neva chat. his baby mada told dem she rather come back a ja flippa file asylum,” one fan defended Flippa.

Another added, “1 ting mi knw bout a informer from him inform caah alook fih guh pon stage n leave 1 state 2 a nxt n a put out music video smh datz y mi nuh like artist.”

Another fan referenced Flippa’s past beef with Mavado’s former mentor, Bounty Killer, as the reason behind the latest reaction.