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Artistes Announced for Semi-Final Round of Groovy, Power and Calypso Competitions

After a gruelling week of competition, 20 artistes each have been selected to proceed to the semi-final round of the Groovy Soca, Power Soca, and Calypso Monarch Competitions.

Groovy & Power Soca Qualifiers

45 Groovy and 57 Power Soca songs were submitted for consideration for this year’s competitions. Artistes were required to perform their submissions before a panel of judges on Saturday, 17 June, for a chance to qualify for one of 20 available slots in the next round of competition. The following artistes and songs were selected for Soca Semis. The qualifying artistes are listed in alphabetical order, and not indicative of scores or judging preferences.

Groovy Soca Qualifiers

#SobriquetSong Title
2Arthur AllainFeeling Irie
4Carlton RobertsFly
6Ezra D'funmachineCho (Hot Head)
7Hyper / Ti CarroBest Friend
8Imran NerdyUnemployed
9InvaderSugar Daddy
11KakalD Key
12Kisha KaySneaky Licky Link
14Mighty SizzlerCloser
15Ninja Dan AKA KarmaWake Up
18SergieCarnival Love
19Ti-BlacksCheck kò’w
20Yung Vic & PilotVIBES

Power Soca Qualifiers

#SobriquetSong Title
1BlazeWater Calling
2Bronxx FT MataBalance
3Budzilla and IlClumsy
4CrownBad Energy
5EsteblazinTrophy Wife
6Ezra D'funmachineHello Carnival
7Imran NerdyClock Out
12MowglyCrazy People
13Ninja Dan AKA Karma Karma Coming 4 you
14PabloNo Longer
15Ricky TKay Ou (Your House)
16SedaleWe Reach
17SHEMMY JBird Boss
18Siah x Ninja Dan Move
19SlackDoh Ask Me For Money
20SubanceSue say

The third stage in this year’s Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Competition, Soca Semis, is scheduled for this Friday, June 23, at the National Cultural Centre Grounds and starts from 6 pm.  The semi-final show is open to the public, with an admission fee of only $20.  At this stage, nine artistes will be selected in each category to compete against the defending monarchs; Groovy Soca, Ricky T, and Power Soca, Fross for the 2023 Groovy/Power Soca Monarch titles.

Calypso Qualifiers

The quarter finals of the Calypso Competition were spread across four exciting nights of tent at the National Cultural Centre. Calypsonians from each of the four tents put on rousing displays for the judges and calypso lovers. A total of 18 calypsonians have been selected to advance to the semi-final round of competition.

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Calypso Qualifiers

#SobriquetCalypso Tent
1AchieverTOT/Soca Village
2BlaizeKaiso Pro’s Tent
3EducatorFire One
4GumptionSouth Calypso Tent
5Herb BlackTOT/Soca Village
6J'urgenTOT/Soca Village
7MicaTOT/Soca Village
8Mighty SizzlerFire One
9MysticKaiso Pro’s Tent
10OshunSouth Calypso Tent
11Queen YadzzSouth Calypso Tent
12ReadyFire One
13RobertTOT/Soca Village
14TakerTOT/Soca Village
15TC BrownKaiso Pro’s Tent
16Ti CarroTOT/Soca Village
17Ti BlacksSouth Calypso Tent
18WalleighTOT/Soca Village

The next stage in this year’s Calypso Monarch Competition, is scheduled for this Sunday, June 25, at the National Cultural Centre from 4 pm. The semi-final show is open to the public, with an admission fee of $40 for advanced tickets, and $50 at the gate. At this stage, nine calypsonians will be selected to compete against the defending monarch, Dezral, for the 2023 Calypso Monarch title.