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Alva Baptiste Says SLP Has No Interest In Violence – St. Lucia Times

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External Affairs Minister Alva Baptiste has declared that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has no interest in violence. But he welcomed engagement on what he described as the battlefield of ideas.

Baptiste spoke amid criticism of veteran politician Peter Josie, accused of inciting violence during a recent opposition United Workers Party (UWP) event.

He lauded the SLP government’s achievements, asserting they have foiled attempts to create unrest in the country.

He was addressing Sunday’s ruling party rally in Micoud North in observance of the second anniversary of the SLP’s July 26, 2021, election victory.

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The Minister praised Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre for returning ‘conscience’ to the government.

“Today, we are celebrating the return of good governance to Saint Lucia. We are celebrating the return of good relations, peace, and tranquility among the different sectors of this country. We are celebrating the return of prudential economics to Saint Lucia,” the Laborie MP asserted.

He also said the celebration was also about the return of the party of bread, justice, and freedom.

“And so the desperate but futile attempts by some to foment unrest in this country have not produced the sparks to ignite public discontent,” Baptiste told the audience.

He said it was because Saint Lucians had learned the hard and bitter lesson from the empty and false promises of those who came to them in the past to vote out the SLP.

Baptiste declared that those individuals were nowhere around to assist them in their time of need.

“Saint Lucians remember only too well that those who asked them to vote out the labour party in 2016 were nowhere around when the laptop programme was destroyed. They were not there to purchase laptops for the very children that they were trying to mislead,” the Laborie MP stated.

“They were nowhere around to ensure a reduction in fuel prices after promising a reduction and instead the people had to endure an increase,” Baptiste said.

In addition, he told SLP supporters that during COVID, people were ‘gasping for air and sucking salt’ while those who asked them to vote for the United Workers Party (UWP) were nowhere around.

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“And so this time, they cannot manufacture some public consent and fuel public discontent,” Baptiste noted

Baptiste observed that, as a result, they have resorted to angry rhetoric.

He said they reached out for violent content when the angry rhetoric did not work.

“Tell them that this labour party under the leadership of Philip J. Pierre has absolutely no interest in violence. If they want to engage us, engage us on the battlefield of ideas,” the External Affairs Minister said.

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