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Republicans call for Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary to be fired for ‘vile tweet’ invoking gun violence

A group of Arizona GOP state lawmakers have called for the immediate firing of Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary over a tweet invoking gun violence against “transphobes.”

Hobbs spokeswoman Josselyn Berry posted the offending tweet on Monday, just hours after Audrey Hale, who was transgender, shot and killed three adults and three children inside a Nashville Christian elementary school

The tweet included a GIF from the 1980 movie “Gloria,” showing a woman brandishing two handguns. 

“Us when we see transphobes,” Berry captioned the image in the tweet. 

“Less than 12 hours after the tragic shooting in Nashville by a deranged transgender activist [Hobbs’] Press Secretary calls for shooting people Democrats disagree with,” the Arizona Freedom Caucus tweeted on Tuesday

Josselyn Berry posted the cringe tweet just hours after the deadly shooting.
Many lawmakers are calling for Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs' spokesperson to be let go of her duties over the tweet.

The group of conservative Republican state lawmakers added that Berry should be fired over the social media post.

“Calling for violence like this is un-American & never acceptable. [Berry] should be fired immediately,” the GOP group added, noting in a follow-up post that Berry’s “vile tweet encouraging violence” had not been taken down after millions of views and widespread condemnation. 

Josselyn Berry's disturbing tweet included a woman brandishing two handguns from the 1980 movie “Gloria.”

Hobbs’ office did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment. 

It is unclear if Twitter will take action against Berry’s account.