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Obama’s warning to Israel: Letters to the Editor — Oct. 26, 2023

The Issue: Former President Barack Obama’s warning to Israel to avoid civilian deaths in Gaza.

Michael Goodwin put it perfectly. He suggested that former President Barack Obama and President Biden either share a speechwriter or a brain — which should show everyone who it is who’s actually running the show at the White House (“Hey, Israel, with friends like these,” Oct. 25).

What we are looking at is the vision Obama actually had for this country. He just has Joe doing his dirty work, as he doesn’t care about Joe’s legacy (not that there was much there to begin with).

Israel needs to do what it needs to do and not be concerned with interference from other countries. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is a war hawk and will make sure the United States backs them. Well said, Goodwin.

James Schwartz

Summit, NJ

Obama called ISIS “the JV team.” He did not see the evil. It was beyond the scope of his ideological framework or that of his intimate advisers.

His administration and the Biden administration’s approach to Iran has, inadvertently and out of blithe foolishness, helped to develop the aggressiveness of Israel’s enemies.

Now he has called for Israeli restraint. My suggestion is that fighting Islamic extremism is not his strong suit.

Charles Vermont

Bentonville, Ark.

Jews and Israel don’t need Obama to lecture us on our responsibilities or proportionality.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane: Obama bombed a hospital in Afghanistan. Obama killed untold civilians through “humane” targeted drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya, and g-d knows where else.

Obama gave billions to Iran through his failed engagement with the No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism, which openly calls for killing Jews and Americans. No doubt this money ended up actually killing Jews and Americans on Oct. 7. Jews don’t need a friend like that.

These are just the greatest hits, but I’m sure there are more. It’s easy for him to write these performative musings while sipping on a cocktail in Martha’s Vineyard.

His pen might be better put to use lecturing the antisemites in his own party or addressing the cancer he helped spread on college campuses.

Ken Traub

Northbrook, Ill.

The supreme arrogance of Obama is once again on display as he advises Israel to make sure that its response to Hamas doesn’t “backfire.”

It’s beyond Obama’s capacity for self-examination and intellectual honesty to acknowledge that his naive outreach to Iran — and his “principled” opposition to American exceptionalism — are what has enabled the mullahs to thrive, terrorize the whole region through their proxies and destroy the prospect of peace between Israel and her neighbors.

I wonder how Obama would feel if — God forbid — his daughters were kidnapped and held hostage.

David Rabinovitz


Now Obama is cautioning Israel about the impact retaliation could have on Israel’s future security.

What a joke to be advised by the former president who compromised Israeli, American and world security by ramming through the Iran nuclear deal.

That gift to Iran is yielding immeasurable benefits to that country on a daily basis. What hypocrisy.

Yakov Moshe


I’m reading all these stories on how this war should be conducted — the message being that Israel should make sure no civilians are injured. Lawyers and politicians are telling Israel that its military should be careful.

If World War II was conducted that way, we would still be fighting it. The bombs that fell on London or Berlin did not discriminate in who they killed — and let’s not forget about Hiroshima.

Whoever starts these wars is responsible for the outcome, not those who defend themselves.

Yes, I agree Israel should try hard to limit casualties, but prolonging the battles will result in more casualties and deaths.

“Never again” seems to have been forgotten. How the world looks at and treats Hamas, and the rest of these terror organizations, is insane.

Philip Vallone


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