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Ex-‘incel’ threatened to shoot up ‘chads and stacies’ at University of Arizona: feds

A former “incel” is facing federal charges after he allegedly threatened to shoot up “chads and stacies” at the University of Arizona in a “day of Retribution.”

Michael Penchung Lee, 27, made the grave threats toward campus Greek life over Snapchat Sunday, warning in one message there would be a “mass tragedy and atrocity,” at the college, according to a federal complaint filed this week.

He also allegedly referenced the approaching 10-year anniversary of when mass shooter and incel, meaning “involuntary celibate,” Elliot Rodgers shot and killed six people, including members of Greek life, near UC Santa Barbara’s campus before turning the gun on himself on May 23, 2014.

Lee, who is not affiliated with the university, was arrested Monday after he was pulled over for speeding, and later admitted to making the threats, the feds alleged.

“The day of Retribution is upon us, I shall get revenge on all the chads and stacies!!” he wrote in one Snapchat message in what authorities believe is a reference to fraternity and sorority members. The FBI also believes “the day of Retribution” is tied to Rodgers’ 2014 killing spree.

Former incel Michael Pengchong Lee
Pima County Sheriff's Department

Those names are also used by incels to describe attractive young men and women.

When he saw women screenshot his messages, he then wrote “fuck you stacies I was gonna give you a warning but now im not,” the complaint states.

He allegedly planned to use an AR-15 to carry out the massacre, but had not purchased a weapon yet, federal authorities said.

“It’s a solo mission, I’m not normal, I never have been, I’m severely autistic and mentally ill and was never accepted by society,” Lee also allegedly wrote. “I have no place in the world.”

The University of Arizona

Lee vowed at the end of the conversation he was going to commit the mass shooting “and there’s nothing u can do or say to stop me.”

Following Lee’s arrest, he told authorities he was frustrated by his home life and was venting in a group chat of friends, the complaint states.

“He stated he was a former member of the incel community but was no longer,” the document states. “He attempted to purchase a firearm two months ago but decided against it.”

Lee was booked on a state charge of making a terroristic threat before he was charged federally with making the online threats.

Campus police were first alerted to the threat late Sunday, the University of Arizona said in a note to the school community.

Once a suspect was identified, he was watched for 24 hours before his arrest, the school also said.

“There is no current or pending threat to the University community from this individual, and no other individuals are being sought,” the university said.