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Owen Wilson Tore Into Jason Sudekis And His Poor Eating Habits On Set of ‘Hall Pass’: “You’ll Just Put Anything in Your Body, Huh?”

Jason Sudeikis couldn’t keep from laughing as he looked back on working with Owen Wilson on the 2011 comedy Hall Pass.

Sudeikis recalled a funny moment the comedians shared during his recent appearance on Hot Ones. Speaking to host Sean Evans, Sudeikis said they were filming a scene at a sports bar where they were eating wings.

“It was my first time being in a big studio movie, like lead, Owen and I are on the poster type thing,” he began explaining.

“There were hot wings — they weren’t this hot,” he joked, referring to the round of spicy chicken wings they ate as part of the show. “So we’re eating these wings, and I’m eating them while the camera is on Owen.”

Evans interjected to mention that actors are typically instructed not to actually eat the food during filming, to which Sudeikis replied, “They didn’t before then. I hadn’t done enough to have my method.”

He began to laugh as he recalled, “At some point, I’m eating them, and he’s just like, ‘Gosh, so you’ll just put anything in your body, huh?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah.” He goes, ‘I’d be so curious what you look like if you actually worked out and took care of yourself.’” 

Hall Pass
Photo: Everett Collection

Evans and Sudeikis shared a laugh over the story.

In Hall Pass, Wilson and Sudeikis played Rick and Fred, two husbands who begin having some trouble in their marriages – until their wives give them a hall pass for a week.

The comedy stars Jenna Fisher, Christina Applegate, JB Smoove, and Stephen Merchant.

That may have been Sudeikis’ first time leading a studio film, but it was just the start of his surprisingly strong comedy filmography.

He went on to star in Horrible Bosses opposite Jason Bateman and Charlie Day that same year, which later received a sequel.