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‘Jeopardy!’ fans call out Mayim Bialik for inconsistent hosting rules

What are angry viewers?

“Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik once again came under scrutiny after several fans of the famous quiz show claimed that “The Big Bang Theory” star had inconsistent rules during Wednesday’s game.

The incident occurred during the show’s Double “Jeopardy!” round when the contestants began selecting under the “Presidential Doin’s” category.

“Made Henry Clay Secretary of State; 2 years after the White House, settled into a new House (of Representatives),” read the clue.

Contestant Kyle Marshall rang in with the answer, “Who is Adams?”

“More specific,” inquired Bialik, 47.

Marshall then clarified “Who is John Adams” as Bialik declared the answer incorrect.

Returning champ Ilhana Redzovic swooped in to steal the question by saying the answer was the sixth president of the US, John Quincy Adams.

Controversial "Jeopardy!" host Mayim Bialik once again came under scrutiny from fans of the famous quiz show after several of them claimed that "The Big Bang Theory" star had inconsistent rules during Wednesday's game.

The Post reached out to Bialik for comment.

Bialik’s need for clarification sent fans on Twitter into a tizzy as the “Call Me Kat” star did not ask for more info on a previous question about William Henry Harrison.

The question, which was selected by Marshall read, ” Had a cold, went out to buy veggies anyway; got pneumonia, died before 31st full day on the job.”

According to fans, the incident occurred during the show's Double "Jeopardy!" round when the contestants began selecting under the "Presidential Doin's" category.
Tyler Golden/ABC via Getty Images

Marshall answered the question with a simple “Harrison” and went unquestioned by the host.

“Why did Mayim ask for clarification on ‘Adams’ but not on ‘Harrison’,” slammed one viewer.

“If there exists a coherent principle explaining why the #Jeopardy judges did not give a ‘be more specific’ prompt to ‘Harrison’ but they did to “Adams,” in the same category, I have no idea what that principle might be,” chided a second fan.

“I feel like if the Jeopardy! judges take just ‘Harrison’ instead of requiring ‘William Henry’ or ‘Benjamin’, then they should also take ‘Adams’ without asking which one,” reprimanded a third.

Others took the opportunity to slam the 47-year-old’s hosting style.

“@Jeopardy Mayim Bialik is not a suitable fit to host this show. She is devoid of personality and boring to watch #jeopardy,” said one angry fan.

Mayim Bialik on the set of "Jeopardy!"
Tyler Golden/ABC via Getty Images

“Watched regular #jeopardy tonight after just finishing #jeopardymasters,” said another irate fan. “The gap between the incomparable #kenjennings and the malfunctioning robot that is Mayim Bialik is wider than the Grand f–kin Canyon. I’m gonna watch Alex [Trebek] reruns on Netflix until Ken returns as host.”

This is not the first time fans have gotten upset about a ruling.

In March, viewers slammed Jenning for “robbing” a contestant of his points after guessed the correct answer, but failed to pronounce it right.