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I’m a ‘reserved’ towel renegade who took on entitled seat-hogging vacationers — people call me a hero

Sun’s out, shun’s out.

The millions of Americans heading outdoors this Memorial Day weekend might want to think twice about hogging prime spots by pools and beaches after an online debate over proper waterside etiquette flooded Reddit.

@konijn12 posted about becoming so fed-up with fellow guests at their all-inclusive resort using towels to “reserve” beach lounge chairs for later use that she began removing them from unattended chairs every morning.

On the first day at the resort, the Redditor said she was unable to find any open lounge chairs on the beach.

“Fair enough, we arrived in the afternoon,” she wrote.

But the next day, she and her traveling companion arrived back at the beach and saw plenty of open chairs — but they were “taken” by towels that no-where-to-be-seen guests had placed there.

“We find an empty seat and to our surprise, many of the chairs stay reserved almost the whole day or never get used,” she posted.

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On the third day, the vacationer decided to take matters into her own hands — literally.

She and her companion decided to just pluck the towels off two lounge chairs and settle in for a day in the sun.

After four relaxing hours by the ocean, an older couple confronted the Redditor, saying they had put their towels there and enlisted an attendant to “kick us off.”

“That pissed me off, so every following day I went to take the towels off of every unattended lounger after breakfast, and then went to watch the chaos from my balcony,” she wrote.

After numerous complaints from resort guests, “by the end of the week there was a sign that unattended towels would be removed,” she said. “Success!”

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Users immediately began voicing their support of the Redditor’s bold move and blasted the “ridiculous” audacity of entitled vacationers.

“The entire concept of ‘reserving’ a seat using a towel is ridiculous. If they want a seat so badly they should turn up early. How dare they think someone should sit on the ground just because they hung a towel there. Talk about selfish and entitled,” one user said in response.

“Petty revenge leading to petty complaints leading to a policy change against the complainers is just awesome,” user RSKG wrote.

Some even hailed the traveler as a hero.

“Not all heroes wear capes, but you could have made a towel into one,” jeffriestubesteak joked. 

Others couldn’t believe that the attendant took the other couples’ side.

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“I don’t understand how the attendant could kick you off your seats — if it’s your word against the old couple and you’ve got possession. I’m no Karen, but I’d be screaming for the manager if they dared try to move me,” another Redditor said.

So how long can a seat be unattended before it’s up for grabs?

One user, Rabid_Dingo, said that the unwritten rule is that if the seat is vacant for 15 minutes, it’s anyone’s game. 

Others argued that 30 minutes was more appropriate and more than enough time.

“I stay at [resorts] often for business and most have signs at the pool that if your seat is unattended for 30 minutes your stuff can be moved,” on commentor said. “Good for you for forcing the lazy management to finally make reasonable rules.”

At least one person should remain behind if others have to temporarily leave if a seat claim is to have any merit, some said.

Most agreed that the practice of reserving seats with towels appears to be dying out, meaning first come, first serve and move your feet, lose your seat.