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I’m a Cara Delevingne lookalike — but it makes it hard to find love

A woman who looks like Cara Delevingne — but with “bigger boobs” — said that being mistaken for the supermodel and actor has ruined her love life.

Reilly Harrison, 25, is tired of being told that she looks just like the 30-year-old English star.

The data analyst from Dallas, Texas, shared that her blond hair and bushy eyebrows have led to people making the celebrity comparison since she was a teenager.

“My eyebrows are my defining feature,” Harrison told South West News Service.

Delevingne rose to popularity in the 2010s as a model-turned-actress, and her thick, dark brows stood out as her calling card as she sashayed down the Victoria’s Secret runway and starred on the big screen.

“I’m the Cara Delevingne with bigger boobs,” Harrison joked. “I’m like her American sister or cousin.”

Reilly Harrison smirking
Reilly Harrison / SWNS
Cara Delevingne (above) has a doppelgänger in Texas.
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People online have even suggested that Harrison take a DNA test to find any possible relation to the star.

The Post has reached out to Delevingne’s representatives for comment.

Trolls also have tried to use the comparison to offend Harrison — calling her the “Dollar General Cara Delevingne” — but she doesn’t let it get her down.

Riley Harrison and Cara Delevingne

Harrison admitted that most of the lookalike comparisons are “flattering” but noted that they can also be a major red flag when dating.

“I find it irritating when I’m trying to date,” the single woman told SWNS.

When swiping through dating apps, Harrison said that she automatically un-matches with anyone who tells her: “Oh my God, Cara Delevingne, my celeb crush’.”

Reilly Harrison
Reilly Harrison / SWNS

“They are fetishizing their love for her,” Harrison said.

While the pretty blond doesn’t appreciate being compared to one of the world’s top models by potential suitors, overall she is grateful for the resemblance and Delevingne’s international success.

“When I look at videos I can see I have similar mannerisms to her. My face moves in a similar way. We have the same shape of mouth. We move the same way,” she said.

Reilly Harrison on TikTok
Reilly Harrison / SWNS

Harrison used to beg her mother to wax or thread her eyebrows, but she’s thankful her mother always steered her clear of the tweezers.

“Her modeling career made school better for me,” she explained, noting that “big brows were suddenly cool.”

Since Delevingne broke onto the scene, Harrison has taken inspiration from her twin and only trims her eyebrows twice a year.

“I’m indebted to her,” Harrison admitted.

Harrison isn’t the only one having their celebrity lookalike drawing in unwanted attention.

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