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Family finds creepy hidden room filled with abandoned belongings

After a week living in their new home, a group of sisters were shocked to discover a secret hideaway in its walls. 

According to a viral Reddit post, the siblings have uncovered a previous occupant’s very personal hideaway. 

Before discovering what lay beyond it, one of the siblings (none of whom are named in the post) assumed the door-like portion of wall in her closet was a normal cabinet. 

Strangely, though, she couldn’t get it open — until this week, when she found that it contained not a cabinet, but a mattress, various intimate belongings and the unfinished guts of the house.

“It clearly sat empty for awhile before we moved in, but according to [my sisters, who found the room] all of the stuff in this room looks extremely old, like [1970s to 1980s] old. so hopefully whatever cursed activities occurred in the secret room happened decades ago!” she wrote. 

In addition to some exposed insulation and the mattress, the family also found a few cans of non-alcoholic beer, a tampon, pads, a toothbrush, play money and a notepad with only one page written on — as well as some “adult items,” including decades-old porn and a “vintage style” jar of petroleum jelly. 

creepy hidden room reddit
creepy hidden room reddit
The stash included decades-old porn.
As for how a mattress fit into the hidey-hole, it's anyone's guess.

Based on the array of found objects, the Redditor’s working theory of the space’s former life is that it was “some teenager’s hidey-hole for their illicit goods and acts.”

Although some commenters believe a drawing found on the bed is a QR code, or possibly a map, she wrote she’s holding out hope it’s just a “pen and paper game” of sorts.

Beyond the wall, one sister also spotted “medicine” bottles of some kind, but has yet to investigate further. 

Currently, the biggest mystery to the family is how the former resident got the mattress inside, significantly because they’re not sure how to get it out.