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Emily Ratajkowski admits to ‘fake posing’ for paparazzi: I want to ‘look good’

Emily Ratajkowski defended herself after being roasted for “fake posing for paparazzi while walking her dog last month.

“If I like, have 10 photographers around me and I’m walking the dog, yeah like, I’ll kind of make sure that my body’s in a certain position to like, look good,” she admitted on Tuesday’s episode of her “High Low with EmRata” podcast.

“I got roasted for that,” the model added.

Ratajkowski, 32, pointed out that she has her insecurities because she is constantly under a microscope.

“I’d like to see anybody get photographed as much as I’m photographed and see if you look perfect in every f–king picture,” EmRata said.

But the Versace spokesperson suggested that she can never win with the public.

“It’s like, either you’re trying too hard or you’re being thirsty and a loser for trying to look pretty for these pictures, or you know, you’re mid-sentence and the light is whatever and you don’t have sunglasses on and you’re a mess and you’re ugly,” Ratajkowski said.

The “My Body” author chalked up all the criticism to misogyny.

“That’s just the existence of being a woman and, you know, very, a la Barbie,” she said, adding, “People just really love to hate on women. You can’t get it right.”

Ratajkowski — who shares 2-year-old son Sylvester with estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard — claimed that she faces backlash no matter how she chooses to put herself together.

“If I was spending all my time with my kid and wearing sweatpants and whatever, then I’ve lost my whatever … So I think I just stopped playing that game because it was so uninteresting and like, so obvious what was happening.”

Instead, Ratajkowski is ignoring the trolls and choosing “happiness.”

“Literally, life is short and there’s so many things that I’ve worked so long to get,” the Inamorata swimwear owner said. “I always wanted to live in New York City and have an apartment and have a kid and just a lot of things that I’m like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is my life.’

“And to like, let random people take that joy away from me, it’s not allowed. I’m just not going to let that happen.”

In August, Ratajkowski was blasted for “fake posing” in front of paparazzi as she stepped out to walk her dog, Colombo, in New York City.

“Please I have secondhand embarrassment so bad from this,” one Reddit user wrote in a forum about the moment, which was captured on video.

“I loooooove flexing my abs when I’m walking my dog!!! And grabbing my belt buckle too,” another joked.

Others, however, showed Ratajkowski sympathy and pointed out how she is constantly being followed by shutterbugs.

“This is so sad, like I can’t imagine not being able to do normal things like walking a damn dog without being hyper conscious of the camera,” a fan said at the time.

“Honestly if I was out walking my dog and someone started taking pics of me I would probably act like this,” another agreed.

Ratajkowski is known for stepping out to walk her Husky-German Shepherd in sexy outfits and has arguably turned the NYC sidewalks into her own personal runway.