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Drivers urged to stop taking nude license photos: ‘Please wear clothes’

Some drivers are representing the Peach State a bit too literally.

Government officials in Georgia are begging residents not to be naked in their driver’s license photos. 

The Georgia Department of Driver Services requested that people appear fully clothed in the photos used for their digital identity cards. 

“Attention, lovely people of the digital era! Please take pictures with your clothes on when submitting them for your Digital Driver’s License and IDs,” a May 23 Facebook post read.

“Cheers to technology and keeping things classy!”

The post also included a meme of celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson raising his hands and making a face funny face.

“Please wear clothes when taking your selfies for your Digital Driver’s Licenses and IDs,” the meme read.

People questioned whether the post was a joke, but the department doubled down insisting “it’s real” and “it’s insane” with an array of funny memes.

Georgia Department of Driver Services meme
Georgia Department of Driver Services

The Oconee County Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s official Facebook account asked for more details: “How much clothing? I feel like y’all are asking a lot in a vague way. I have questions…Enough to raid the fridge at midnight? Enough for a trip to Walmart? Brooks brothers suit?”

The DDS clarified, writing, “Shirts are nice! We want shirts for selfies.”

Additional Facebook users kept the hilarious thread going.

“I’m just trynna get out of tickets! Sheesh,” Kayla Hubbell quipped.

“I tried to take a naked picture for my ID but I was asked to leave the DMV,” Paul Stanbrook joked.

Scanning your Driver's License on your phone.
Credit: Apple

Georgia recently unveiled Digital Driver’s Licenses (DDLs) and IDs that can be uploaded to a digital wallet on select smart devices. The department is in the process of adding DDLs and digital IDs to as many phone manufacturers as possible.

The Georgia DDLs and Digital IDs are not a replacement for a physical copy — but can be used instead of a physical card for certain TSA checkpoints, within Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and other participating locations.

The Southern state is one of several that have signed on to issue digitized cards, including Arizona, Colorado, Maryland and Utah.