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Biden appears to forget which oceans border Africa 

President Biden on Thursday flubbed the name of one of the major oceans off the coast of Africa during a gaffe-filled press conference with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

“We’re talking about building — and I had my team putting together with other countries as well — to build a railroad from the Pacific Ocean — from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Indian Ocean,” Biden, 80, said at the White House Thursday, clumsily describing a proposal to construct a railway spanning Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Africa, the second largest continent on Earth, is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean — not the Pacific Ocean, which is more than a thousand miles away from the nearest African coastline. 

“Never occurred before.  How — we’re — we’re — our Departments of Agriculture are working with these countries,” Biden added. 

The White House did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for details about the railway project. 

The ocean slip-up wasn’t Biden’s only stumble on Thursday.

The president also tripped over Sunak’s title during their White House meeting — referring to the UK leader as “Mr. President” — almost immediately after the two leaders sat down in the Oval Office.

“Well, Mr. President,” Biden started to say before abruptly correcting himself. “Mr. President? I just demoted you.”

Africa coast
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Sunak, 43, laughed off the mistake. 

Biden also appeared to confuse China with Canada when discussing the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative in Africa, nearly attributing the “debt and confiscation program” to America’s northern neighbors. 

“If we don’t figure a way in which these countries can grow and participate and have to — and be able to build infrastructure — you know, the Canadians — the — excuse me, the Chinese have a — have a Belt and Road Initiative. Well, the — Belt and Road Initiative turns out to be a debt and confiscation program.  Not going very far,” the president said during the press conference. 

Numerous polls have found that voters have concerns about Biden’s mental acuity

A Washington Post-ABC poll released this month found that just 32% of voters believe Biden has the mental sharpness needed to be president. 

Already the oldest president in US history, Biden would be 86-years-old by the end of a second term in office.