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Vanuatu Approves Installation of First Weather Radar System

Vanuatu has achieved another milestone as the approval for the installation of the first weather radar system has been granted and installation will begin in 2024.

The C-band Doppler radar system will be a major upgrade to Vanuatu’s weather observation capability as it will provide visual, high resolution weather data in near real-time, over a range of 450km.

The radar will provide high-resolution, real-time data that will make Vanuatu Meteorology & Geohazards Department (VMGD) weather forecasts more accurate and is a major upgrade to the climate early warning system.

 It will upgrade VMGD’s ability to forewarn Vanuatu’s people about severe weather events like extreme rainfall events, tropical cyclones, storm surges, and coastal inundation. 

“The weather radar is important because it gives VMGD very precise information. Compared to satellite images, the resolution is very high. Sometimes when satellites look down on us from space, clouds can prevent images from being taken.

“The weather radar system can detect rain inside clouds and can tell us what direction the rain will come from within the next few hours ", says Moirah Matou, VanKIRAP’s Project Manager.  

The site for the radar station at Snake Hill, north of Port Vila.

Photo Caption: An artist’s impression gives an indication of what the weather radar station will look like upon completion.