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Vanuatu opposition files no-confidence motion against PM Sato Kilman

Vanuatu's opposition has filed a motion to call an extra-ordinary session of parliament Monday next week to debate a motion of no confidence against new Prime Minister Sato Kilman, who was elected for the top job.

Kilman, 65, is the third prime minister of Vanuatu in three years since 2020.

Bob Loughman was elected PM after the 2020 general election. He was ousted by Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau following a vote of no confidence and a snap election in October last year.

But Kilman ousted Kalsakau in a no confidence vote on September 4, ending Kalsakau's nine-month reign in power.

The opposition deputy leader Ralph Regenvanu said there are three reasons of the motion to topple Kilman, including the appointment of a minister who was found to have misappropriated $US8 million (1 billion vatu)during a previous government.

He said Kilman and his ministers have also failed have failed to attend regional and international meetings.

On Monday, Kilman's government withdrew its motion of no confidence against the Speaker Simeon Seoule because it did not have the support of the absolute majority of 27 MPs on the government side.

Last week, two newly elected MPs defected to the oppostion camp, which singalled the political turmoil the country was far from over.

Vanuatu's parliament now has a full 52-seat House, compared to the past months, when it was just 50 due to the previous vacant seat and MP Bruno Leingkone's absence.

According to Regenvanu, 26 MPs have signed a motion of no confidence.

An extraordinary session of parliament will be held on October 2.