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Earthquake tears apart a Turkish-British family

We look back on the city of Gaziantep and drive deeper into the snow-flecked mountainside of south-eastern Turkey.

It is increasingly remote terrain, yet it feels so familiar - village after village bears the same devastating scars.

We stop at a small place we learn is called Ördekdede and stumble into a Turkish community where their dead now outnumber the living.

This is a grim new reality for so many dots of the map across the huge corridor of this region where the ground shook most violently.

The last people we expect to find among the survivors in this secluded spot - huddling around a fire, sipping tea - are two Londoners.

Mehmet and Fatma Meter are from Finsbury Park, north London.

"This earthquake has destroyed everything," says Fatma, as she wipes tears with her scarf.

"We arrived in Turkey before the earthquake for my brother's funeral," Mehmet explains.

"But now we've had to bury seven of our family."