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Qatar’s museums are granting free access to world-class collections for three days

As the calendar unveils the much-anticipated International Museum Day, Qatar Museums (QM) gifts the public an exclusive treat.

All museums and exhibitions in Qatar’s are opening their doors, granting free access to their world-class displays and collections to the public, from 18 May to 20 May 2023.

This year, International Museum Day spotlights the theme: ‘Museums, Sustainability and Well-being’, saluting the significant role museums shoulder in society.

As bastions of culture, history and knowledge, these institutions are dedicated to preserving collective heritage, as well as acting as catalysts for community well-being, sustainable development and climate action.

According to Qatar’s museums, their extends to combating social isolation and promoting mental health, utilising a repertoire of educational programmes, community outreach and illuminating exhibitions.

Qatar’s CEO of Museums, Ahmad Musa Al Namla, said: “International Museum Day acts as a beacon, illuminating the pivotal role museums occupy in fostering cultural comprehension and exchange.”

“Our mission at Qatar Museums is not just to safeguard our cultural heritage, but to shape engaging spaces that drive education, research and entertainment.”

The country’s museums are an extension of the country’s deep-rooted artistic traditions, exhibiting a palette of creative expressions that range from traditional Islamic art to contemporary works.

Those interested in art and culture can visit any of Qatar’s museums and expect a journey through the country’s rich artistic heritage, narrated through timeless masterpieces and modern creations.

“As we usher in this year’s International Museum Day, we want to remind ourselves and our visitors of the commitment we have towards promoting and preserving our collective cultural legacy. We extend a warm, heartfelt invitation to everyone, offering free admission to our museums and exhibitions, as a testament to our pledge,” Al Namla added.

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