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Qatar airlifts foreign nationals onboard eleventh Sudan relief flight

Since April this year, governments worldwide, including authorities in Qatar, have launched swift humanitarian initiatives to respond to growing concerns in Sudan. 

Qatar’s Emiri Air Forces airlifted foreign nationals of friendly nations onboard its eleventh evacuation flight from Sudan on Wednesday, as the brutal war between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continued into the second month.

Delivering 39 tonnes of food and aid, the Qatari forces deployed from the Al-Udeid base to Port Sudan’s international airport to provide service to those displaced and affected by the ongoing war.

The charted mission evacuated 71 individuals, 57 of which vacated to their residences in Qatar, and 14 citizens from friendly countries.

One Sudanese resident who fled onboard the rescue flight old Doha News that he was glad to finally arrive at the airport after travelling for several days straight.

“The road was extremely difficult; we didn’t sleep for two days. But thank God, we have reached Port Sudan,” the Sudanese evacuee said.

“My country’s situation is difficult, so may God please help,” he added.

Qatar’s Ambassador to Sudan Mohamed bin Ibrahim Al Sada said the eleventh aid shipment would provide crucial support to ease hospital shortages.

“The humanitarian aides are basically food supplements along with medical supplies in order to help with hospitals shortages across the country,” the Qatari Ambassador told Doha News.

The coordinated effort assembled by Qatar Charity and Qatar Fund For Development was described by Dr. Salah Daak, Head of the Office of Qatar Red Crescent, as an approach to relieve Sudan’s growing unpredictable circumstances.

“The situation is getting worse every day because the problem in Khartoum is still going on,” the representative of Qatar Red Crescent told Doha News.

However, Daak conveyed that there’s an extensive strategy coordinated by Qatari officials to counter the alarming status in Sudan.

“There is a big plan with Qatar to provide assistance to residents, mainly in towns like Wad Madani since there are more people there… now we have started with the distribution of food portions, and we also managed to send medical assistance to most of the states,” Daak added.

The timing of the airship comes just days after Qatar pledged $50 million as part of a wider $1.5 billion global fund to help those on the ground.

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