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Mouthwatering Eid Al Adha dishes from across the world

One of the biggest festivals Muslims celebrate brings forth the best dishes worldwide.

While Eid Al Adha stands as a moment of symbolic reenactment, it is also a period of relishing delicious traditional recipes worldwide.

With sacrifice of animals such as cows, goat and sheep being central to the festivities, many of the traditional dishes contain some sort of meat as a source of protein, served alongside the various regions’ staple foods and spices.

Here is a list of some mouthwatering dishes you should try!

Moroccan Mechoui

The Moroccan Mechoui is often slow-roasted or braised for hours inviting a distinct taste all around it.

The whole roasted goat is seasoned with a blend of spices and herbs, leaving a delicious mouthwatering taste that can be pulled easily off the bone.

Often catered with an assortment of salads, and roasted or grilled vegetables, Mechoui is served in special family dinners.

Saudi Arabian Kabsa

Kabsa is a traditional rice dish from Saudi Arabia that is beautifully flavoured, leaving the tender meat to fall off the bone, quite literally.

Kabsa is a flavourful rice dish with tender meat cooked in a spiced broth, adorned with various toasted nuts.

Traditionally served in a large serving dish and eaten with bare hands, the Kabsa can be cooked with chicken, beef or lamb.

Pakistani Goat Biryani

The Goat biryani is a spiced and fragrant rice dish cooked with tender goat meat, in a mix of aromatic spices and herbs.

Regional variations add potatoes, nuts, and dried fruits, including a serving of rose water alongside the biryani too.

Bangladeshi Bhuna Khashi

A slow-cooked, rich goat curry that enchants one’s tastebuds while delivering aromatic spices.

Enriched with rich gravy, the meal can be cooked effortlessly while becoming a household classic.

Kenyan Nyama Choma

A definitive meal and national dish in Kenya and Tanzania, Nyama Choma is a Swahili term that means grilled meat.

Grilled goat meat seasoned with spices, often served with Ugali (cornmeal) and Kachumbari (tomato and onion salad), leaves diners wanting more.

Often eaten with the fingers, goat meat is preferred, but beef is also used in the dish.

Uzbek Plov 

Plov is a popular Uzbek dish, also called “pilaf” or “palov,” and comprises of long grain rice, chunks of lamb, onions and carrots.

When put together, it is cooked together in a flavourful broth and is usually served in family gatherings.