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Doha dominates in world’s most competitive job markets

A study using the number of Linkedin applicants showed that Doha, Dubai and San Fransisco are among the most competitive cities in the world.

The study conducted by online resume builder,, showed that cities in the Middle East and tech centres in the West are amongst the most challenging places to get into.

The study looked at 130 of the biggest cities in the world and tracked how many applicants submitted resumes to job ads on LinkedIn in the first week – a readily available metric. The study found that Doha (399) and Dubai (283) outrank every other city by a distance.

Booming Doha

The study explains that the phenomenon in placing Doha in the top spot, is a result of “the global spotlight focused on Qatar in 2022, thanks to its hosting of the FIFA World Cup, which boosted the local economy and saw major industries (like hotels and retail) grow.”

Qatar has invested more than 250 billion to host the World Cup and continues to build hundreds of new hotels, airports and roads. As such, many have flocked in to utilise this opportunity.

Desperation continues

Due to the study’s use of a general metric, it is unclear if the ranking is a result of newly incoming expats who are using the Hayya card for their stay, unsatisfied local employees looking to job-hop, fresh graduates or new interest from outsiders due to the World Cup.

This, however, has paved way for a plethora of frustrated and unsuccessful applicants who are seeking an occupation in the Gulf state.

“I have been applying since late December for a graphic designer job, and I am overqualified for entry position and still can’t get an interview,” a Reddit user wrote online.

Interest in employment in Qatar is nothing new. While the country has received criticism for allegedly unethical labour practices and inequities, it still has one of the highest average salaries in the world, which won’t be taxed under Qatar law.

Some also believe the number of available jobs to the ratio of job seekers is particularly skewed.

“Don’t come here unless you have secured a job,” another social media user wrote online. “The job market isn’t the best right now in Qatar. Lots and lots of people are here looking for jobs with very few job vacancies.”

Meanwhile, San Jose and San Fransisco have the most applicants in the USA, while London and Leicester have the most in the UK.

Recent global tech layoffs have also resulted in many who are unemployed or job-seeking in the cities dominated by the industry.