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Deliveroo spotlights food waste among children with ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ storybook

Deliveroo released a storybook designed to educate children on ways to reduce food waste  

To raise awareness on food waste, Deliveroo has launched a bilingual storybook titled ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ for children between the ages of 3 and 8 with an aim to inspire the foodies of tomorrow to start making a difference today.

The storybook has been crafted to help families become more sustainable, with a focus on instilling conscious habits into their children from a young age.

The launch of the book follows Deliveroo’s global Full Life campaign, designed to support local communities and tackle food insecurities around the world.

‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ will be available for a free reading experience online on a dedicated website.

Authored by Ayah Halawany and illustrated by Aman Darwish, ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ takes children on an exciting adventure packed with practical tips on how to reduce food waste.

From reusing leftovers, juicing up over-ripe fruits, and sharing extra food with those in need, children will learn about the importance of being responsible consumers and how small actions can have a significant impact on the community.

Through creative illustrations and a child-friendly story, the book tackles the simple ways children can contribute to the cause.

To spread the message extensively across Qatar’s diverse community, ‘Lyn’s Food Adventure’ is available in both English and Arabic.

“We firmly believe at Deliveroo that raising awareness about sustainable food practices for children and adults is crucial to building a better future for our planet and communities,” Seham AlHusaini, General Manager of Deliveroo Qatar and Kuwait said:

“Through this special storybook, we reinforce our solid commitment to achieving the focal goals of our global Full Life campaign and hope to inspire today’s little foodies to develop a deeper understanding of food waste and become mindful and responsible consumers of tomorrow.” 

For children who enjoy a good read, the storybook is more than just a one-time foodie adventure. It serves as their first step to become more mindful of food waste and helps them ask the right questions and develop a better understanding about our world from a young age.

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