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Sarawak DAP head urges state govt to use green energy to attract foreign investors

Sarawak DAP head urges state govt to use green energy to attract foreign investors

Chong Chieng Jen (third from left) and Sibu MP Oscar Ling (second left) at the DAP Moon Cake Festival at Rejang Park. — Borneo Post Online

SIBU, Sept 30 — Sarawak should use its hydropower resources to attract foreign investors instead of selling the power it produces abroad, said the state Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Chong Chieng Jen.

He said most multinational companies aim to achieve zero carbon emission as early as 2027-2028 and therefore, most sectors of the manufacturing industry would choose investment locations that have ‘clean’ energy as their main focus.

Chong believed the state government should take advantage of its green energy sources, particularly hydropower, to attract foreign investment instead of selling it to foreign countries.

“If we sell green energy abroad, it is like what we did before where we sell raw materials such as logs to foreign countries and then import finished products such as furniture. What we get is only part of the revenue and this effort will not help increase the economic growth of our state.

“In fact, this will cause the development of our industry to be stunted for many years,” he told reporters at the opening of the DAP Mooncake Festival at Rejang Park on Thursday night.

Therefore, Chong said the state government should consider inviting Singapore to invest in the state instead of selling them hydroelectric power.

“The state government and the federal need to work together to promote green energy, thereby attracting foreign investors to invest in the state. We can also establish a business cluster that provides a tax-free zone as an attraction for those who want to invest in the state over a period of five to 10 years,” he said.

He said, this effort will help the state to improve the overall standard of industry and development in the state.

“At the same time, this effort is also able to reduce the number of locals finding jobs in Peninsular Malaysia and abroad. We need to change this trend and encourage more people from Peninsular Malaysia to work in Sarawak with the advantages of green energy,” he said.

Also present were Sibu MP, Oscar Ling and others. — Borneo Post Online