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How AI will be boosting creative potential on YouTube

The Dream Screen tool generates video animations from simple written prompts. (Google pic)

PARIS: Google has announced a host of new tools for YouTube creators, some of which will be powered by artificial intelligence. In particular, these tools will enable users to generate images or even automatically dub content into several languages.

Google unveiled these new features at a dedicated event, Made on YouTube, held recently in New York.

These tools are designed to assist creators, helping them to organize themselves more effectively and save time, with the ultimate aim of boosting their audience.

The first innovation presented concerns Shorts, the short-form videos in vertical format that social media users like to scroll through on their smartphones, in the same vein as Reels on Instagram.

Here, artificial intelligence will be able to generate video sequences from a text description.

If you type “a panda drinking coffee,” for example, the AI will be able to show you an animation corresponding to your prompt, which you can then decide to put in the foreground or background of your Short.

Similarly, creators will be able to benefit from video ideas and draft outlines based on what their audiences are already watching on YouTube.

Even more spectacularly, creators will be able to manage content in multiple languages thanks to Aloud, an automatic dubbing tool. However, this won’t involve cloning the YouTube creator’s voice, as the audio is rendered by a synthetic voice.

Finally, thanks to an AI-assisted search, the Creator Music tool will help users find the ideal soundtrack for each of their videos, with the possibility, in some cases, of choosing only instrumental versions of the songs proposed.

The YouTube Create mobile application will also be on hand to let creators quickly edit and produce any video directly on a smartphone.