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Who Plays Lottie on ‘Firefly Lane’? Meet India de Beaufort

Warning: Spoilers for Firefly Lane Season 2 ahead.

Firefly Lane is finally back with a batch of nine new episodes, and Part 1 of the Netflix‘s two-part second (and final) season is packed with unexpected surprises. Like what? Well, for one thing, we meet yet another character who has a crush on Kate’s man, Johnny (Ben Lawson). As if this guy needed anyone else fawning over him!

The fresh, extremely extra character — who first appears in Season 2, Episode 1 — is named Charlotte. Sometimes she’s called Charlie, sometimes she’s called Lottie, but whether she appears in 1980s flashbacks or early 2000s scenes, she’s always played by actor India de Beaufort. Though Lottie only appears in four of Season 2, Part 1’s nine episodes, she leaves quite the impression.

So who is Lottie on Firefly Lane? And what do we know about India de Beaufort, the actor who plays her? Here’s everything you need to know about India de Beaufort and her Firefly Lane Season 2 character.

India de Beaufort in 'Firefly Lane'
Photo: Netflix

Who Is Lottie on Firefly Lane?

As noted, viewers are first introduced to a nerdy, curly-haired Lottie in the Season 2 premiere. She appears in flashbacks to the ’80s and is seen working alongside Johnny, Tully, Kate, and the crew while openly thirsting over Johnny any chance she gets. When she finds out that Johnny is dating Kate, Lottie switches into passive aggressive mode. The claws come out, she starts being straight-up rude to Kate, and the two share an awkward exchange in the office bathroom, where Lottie makes Kate doubt Johnny’s feelings for her by bringing up his history with Tully. The worst!

We forget about Lottie when we hop back to the early 2000s, because we’re too busy worried about whether or not Johnny survived the explosion in Iraq that sent him to the hospital. Thankfully, once Tully and Kate arrive in Berlin they learn Johnny will make a full recovery. But as they’re talking to him in his hospital room, a very chic and put together woman walks in and greet him. That mystery woman? LOTTIE!!!!!!!! She has a straight, short haircut, is stylish as hell, has a successful career as an international war correspondent and goes by “Charlie” now. As Kate and Tully stare at her in disbelief, we learn that she ran into Johnny his third day in Iraq and the two have been in touch ever since. OK!

In Episode 2, Charlie accompanies Johnny back to America where he’s recovering at home with Kate and Marah. The two seem joined at the hip as they collaborate on work, and it’s no secret that Charlie still has feelings for him. Just like the old days, Charlie never wastes an opportunity to brag about herself or burn Kate. She even explained that back when they worked together “I thought I was a Kate, but now I’m a Tully,” implying she’s had a glow-up of sorts. UGH!

Throughout the season, we see Charlie grow closer to Johnny and Marah, and when she and Johnny are working together one night they nearly share a kiss. At the last second, Johnny saw an aloe plant from Kate on his counter and decided to shut down a potential romance. But when Charlie accompanied him to Kate’s Fourth of July part in Episode 6, she let him know she was still a romantic option. Charlie boldly rolled up to the event in a sheer dress with a bikini underneath, because she thought it was a pool party, and even though the revealing wardrobed seemed orchestrated, she did eventually need her suit when Kate accidentally pushed her in the pool. Anyway! Before they head inside, Charlie tells Johnny she turned down going to Moscow to write a piece for The Atlantic because of him. She admitted she has feelings for him — and has always had feelings for him — and put the ball in his court. But Johnny ended the night kissing Kate, so farewell to Charlie for now!

Who Plays Charlie on Firefly Lane? Meet India de Beaufort

As noted earlier, Charlie is played by India de Beaufort, a 35-year-old actor and singer from the UK. She married actor Todd Grinnell in 2015, and the two have one three-year-old son, Crosby James Beufort-Grinnell.

Per her IMDb page, de Beaufort kicked off her on-screen career in 1996 and has appeared in a number of popular TV shows and films over the years, including One Tree HillChuck, How I Met Your Mother, Younger, Run Fatboy Run, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Veep, Kimi, and more. Prior to being cast on Firefly Lane, de Beaufort starred in the 2022 Netflix movie Slumberland as Ms. Arya.

If you want to stay up-to-date with de Beaufort offscreen, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. There’s a chance we could see Charlie return in Season 2, Part 2 of Firefly Lane, but for now, you can keep an eye out for her in the following episodes:

  • Episode 201, “Wish You Were Here”
  • Episode 202, “On the Road”
  • Episode 205, “Simple Twist of Fate”
  • Episode 206, “Reborn on the Fourth of July”

The first nine episodes of Firefly Lane Season 2 are available to stream on Netflix. The final seven episodes premiere in 2023.