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Vet assistant reveals dog breeds that should come with warning labels

BEWARE of DOG (issues).

A veterinarian assistant shared a mini-series of what warning signs for different dog breeds would look like.

Throughout the three-part series on TikTok, an AI voice narrated the warnings for each breed while a photo of the pooches was displayed.

“Warning labels that should come with each dog breed as told by a vet’s assistant,” the first video began.

The first dog to be issued a warning is the Pitbull.

“You wanted a big tough dog but they’ll mostly just be itching their skin off,” the voice said.

The Bulldog and the Pug were categorized as having similar features.

“You’ll be cleaning crevices for the rest of their lives,” the warning label read for the Bulldog and its ridgy folds.

The pugs were slightly different, telling potential owners, “You will also be cleaning crevices while slowly watching them suffocate,” a reference to the Pug’s flat faces which often cause breathing problems such as Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS).

Labradors are another breed the assistant cautioned to have health problems throughout their lives.

They are known to endure “toxin ingestion, foreign bodies, fatty growths and much more.”

The final breed with health problems was the Cavalier King Charles.

“All we see when you walk into the clinic is a time bomb of heart failure,” Creator isie_xxiv said in the second video.

Those looking to get a German Shepherd for its bravery and obedience should be prepared to put in the effort to train them.

“Invest in training or be ready to pay for sedatives for all doctor visits.”

Huskies may also need sedatives but owners should purchase pet insurance for the number of vet visits they’d take.

Some hyperactive breeds were also featured including several herding dogs.

“However much exercise you think this dog needs, multiply that by 10,” the Border Collie’s description read while the Australian cattle dog was “similar to Border Collies but with a touch of murderous intent and on crack.”

The Australian Shepherd can “come home from a 10-mile hike and still be game for hours of fetch.”

The Corgi is listed as similar to “the other herding dogs here but with a Napoleon Complex,” while the Doberman “can go from cinnamon roll to psychopath in an instant.”

Potential Great Danes owners are warned to “prepare your bodies for the biggest lap dog you’ll ever own.”

The howling Beagles are described as “Oscar-winning drama queens, with the pipes of an opera singer,” while Daschunds will try to deceive you at every chance they get.

“They will try to convince you they are starving, but they just want to obese,” the final TikTok ended with.

Some commenters gave their own takes on breeds that weren’t featured.

“Chihuahua- constantly ready to fight- everyone,” one user said.

“Rottweilers dear lord they are nightmares at the vet,” said another.