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TikToker refuses to name secret location of ‘greatest’ bagel sandwich in NYC — but geo-guesser finds it

This bagel was supposed to be top secret —  but there was hole in his plan!

A TikTok influencer made a viral video about New York City’s “greatest” bagel sandwich but refused to reveal its location, so a professional “geo-guesser” tracked it down and got the grub named after himself.

The internet gumshoe, who goes by Rainbolt on Twitter, spent 80 hours piecing together video background clues and other evidence — leading him to Bagel Market in Manhattan’s Financial District — after the original video went viral last month, he and shop owners said.

“let this be a lesson to all. do not gatekeep food. i will find it. and i will make sure you eating it is 100x harder than you ever would want,” Rainbolt tweeted Wednesday.

“i got the bagel shop to name the bagel after me. so if he ever wants his bagel again he will have to order in shame,” he said of the he TikTok influencer, known as Casketpaint.

In the TikTok video, Casketpaint flashes an image of his half-eaten egg, cheese and avocado bagel and brags, “You’ll never taste this goodness.”

“This is the greatest sandwich I’ve ever had, and I’m not telling you n—a’s where it’s from,” he says in the post, which raked in more than 73,000 views.

But after some research, Rainbolt fired back, “I will. It’s an egg cheese and avocado bagel from Bagel Market on 168 William St in New York. You walked approximately 300 ft north and ate it at this table.”

Paul Martinka

On Friday, Bagel Market owner Jimmy Stathakis said he named the sandwich the Rainbolt after sales spiked and he received calls about the mystery meal.

“They’ll just say ‘give me the Rainbolt,’” Stathakis told The Post.

“It’s easier than ordering an avocado, egg and cheese.”

Rainbolt bagel at Bagel Market
Paul Martinka

Stathakis now features a photo of Rainbolt’s angular face on a menu board next to the item.

He said roughly 40 orders of the sandwich flooded in Friday, well over the average of 10.

“Now they’re are coming specifically for that,” he said. 

The geo-guesser likely used clues such as his shop’s signature baby blue bags and interior paint to find the mystery meal, Stathakis said.

Rainbolt didn’t call The Post back by press time.

Rainbolt — whose full name is Trevor Rainbolt, but who only goes by his last name — is a social media personality and top player of the popular online game GeoGuessr, in which participants try to use in-depth internet searches to figure out the locations on Earth of random photos.

A Post reporter who sampled the sandwich — on a hand-rolled everything bagel with scrambled eggs and gooey cheese — Friday found it fresh, creamy and well above average by city bagel shop standards.

Bagel Market
Paul Martinka

Casketpaint, who had previously been a regular, hasn’t been back to the shop since the Rainbolt’s tweet earlier this week.

“[Casketpaint] said he was never coming back in here because he was gatekeeping,” Stathakis said.

“Which I guess worked in our favor.”