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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits theaters in just a few weeks.

The fifth installment in the action-adventure franchise comes 42 years after the first, Raiders of the Lost Ark, premiered, and star Harrison Ford has said this movie will mark the last time he dons the iconic fedora.

Like all great franchises these days, the release of a new movie also comes with the release of new products celebrating it.

From LEGO sets to Funko Pop! figures, you’ll be able to find your favorite characters and items from all of the Indy movies immortalized in the form of merch.

We’ve rounded up some of that new merch and split it into a few categories. Keep scrolling, or use the links below to jump right to your favorite.

LEGO Sets:

Funko Pop! Figures:

indiana jones funko pop dial of destiny
Photo: Amazon

Indy is setting out on one last adventure to prevent historical artifacts from falling into the wrong hands.

helena shaw funko pop
Photo: Amazon

New character Helena Shaw (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) is the goddaughter of Indiana Jones, who has been called the catalyst for the film’s plot.

dr jurgen voller funko pop
Photo: Amazon

Mads Mikkelsen plays the movie’s antagonist, an ex-Nazi currently employed by NASA as part of the Apollo program.

teddy kumar funko pop
Photo: Amazon

Not much is known yet about Ethann Isidore’s character, Teddy Kumar, but he we know he is a sidekick of Helena’s.

marion ravenwood funko pop
Photo: Amazon

Karen Allen‘s character from the first Indiana Jones movie returns in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and audiences will see her again in Dial of Destiny, but this figurine is based on her character design from Raiders.

indiana jones raiders funko pop
Photo: Amazon

A much younger Indy is the inspiration for this Pop! figure, which uses an outfit from Raiders — iconic fedora and all.

last crusade super deluxe pop rides
Photo: Amazon

The Funko Pop! Ride Super Deluxe series celebrates iconic pop culture transportation, like this motorcycle-sidecar situation Indy and his father, Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery), find themselves on their search for the Holy Grail.

Toys and Games:

something wild card game
Photo: Amazon

This game requires you to match character cards into combinations to gain powers and comes with a Pocket Pop! of Indy that lets you use those powers if you possess it.

indiana jones monopoly
Photo: Amazon

The classic real estate board game gets an Indy-themed makeover, with locations, artifacts, and more, from the first four Indiana Jones movies.

dial of destiny action figure
Photo: Amazon

New for the 2023 movie, this action figure comes with accessories like a satchel, flashlight, coiled whip, and detachable backpack.

indiana jones raiders action figure
Photo: Shop Disney

This deluxe action figure comes with a detachable whip, pistol, golden idol, sandbag and idol pedestal accessories, all from the temple escape scene in Raiders. The figure itself has a fully posable head, arms, and legs.

helena shaw action figure
Photo: Amazon

The newest Indiana Jones heroine gets the action-figure treatment too. This Helena Shaw toy comes with a backpack and flashlight accessories.

Clothes and Accessories:

indiana jones mineral wash tshirt
Photo: Boxlunch

This T-shirt features an artistic take on the Indiana Jones logo and a cool, distressed mineral wash.

indiana jones costume accessory kit for kids
Photo: Shop Disney

Kids can live out their own Indy adventures with this set that includes a fedora, fake machete, whip, coins, and a bag of gems.

indiana jones color block long sleeve tshirt
Photo: Boxlunch

This long sleeve raglan tee, with mismatched color sleeves, has a small pocket-sized Indiana Jones logo on the front and a map design on the back.

headpiece of the staff of RA pin
Photo: Shop Disney

This new limited edition Disney Parks pin is a replica of the artifact seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indiana Jones Inspired Engraved Apple Watch Band, $16, original price: $20

indiana jones apple watch band
Photo: SarenaTealDesigns/Etsy

This engraved silicone Apple Watch band comes in 4 different sizes and 24 color options. One side has different Indiana Jones-related images on it, while the other features the quote, “We do not follow maps to buried treasure and X never, ever marks the spot.”

Raiders of the Lost Ark Mini Backpack with Coin Purse, $90

indiana jones raiders loungefly backpack
Photo: Loungefly

The front of this backpack features art from the iconic scene where Indy runs from a boulder while clutching the Golden Idol, and it comes with a detachable coin purse in the shape of the Golden Idol, too.