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Missouri ER doctor John Forsyth told fiancée he would see her ‘a little bit later’ the morning he vanished

The Missouri ER doctor who vanished without a trace last week was texting his new fiancée the morning he disappeared — and even assured her that she would see him soon — before he suddenly stopped responding.

Dr. John Forsyth, 49, had texted his fiancée, who has not yet been identified, around 7 a.m. on May 21 to let her know he had finished his shift at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville.

“I’ll see you a little bit later,’” the doctor told her, according to an interview his brother Richard gave to the Daily Beast.

But within minutes, the father of seven stopped responding and was seen walking to the RV where he stayed in the hospital parking lot. Security footage then showed Forsyth’s Infiniti sedan arriving at the nearby Cassville Aquatic Center before a white SUV pulled up near him.

“It leaves a few minutes later and [Forsyth] is seen walking around maybe 10 to 15 minutes after that,” Richard said he was told by police, “And then he walks away from his car.”

Later that Sunday, Forsyth’s car was found where he left it, unlocked with his keys, wallet and passport in the car. Richard revealed the vehicle was parked “in a very hidden location, in a place where it seems like cars are not supposed to go.”

Dr. John Forsyth, 49
Facebook / Tiffany Andelin Forsyth
The Cassville Aquatic Center

Forsyth was reported missing after he failed to show up for his shift at the hospital that evening, something his family said was so unlike him it was cause for alarm.

“He wouldn’t miss a shift even if his eyeballs were hanging out of their sockets,” Richard said. “It was an immediate red flag.”

Extensive searches of the 90-acre wooded area around where his car was found — which is under a mile from the hospital — turned up no signs of the doctor.

Richard told the Daily Beast he had last seen his brother during a two-hour dinner the week before he went missing, and that he “seemed really happy and excited” as he’d just gotten engaged days after his divorce was finalized.

The Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri

“Nothing seemed weird,” Richard said. “Which makes John vanishing that much weirder.”

Forsyth’s son with his ex-wife, 23-year-old J.R., said had plans to visit with him and family members in Utah the weekend after his dad vanished, but that he did not know his father had gotten engaged.

“He seemed very excited to come out,” J.R. told the Daily Beast. “We were all looking forward to seeing him and being together again.”

A week after Forsyth’s disappearance, no leads have emerged as to what may have happened to him or where he may be.

He was described as 5 feet, 11 inches tall, about 180 pounds and wearing a black shirt and blue/gray pants when he was last seen leaving the hospital.