Meet Ashish Gupta who is Changing the Way Parties Compete in Elections

India is the country where elections are taken, not less than festivals. People take pride in showing their freedom to elect the leaders they want. When it comes to political parties, things are changing for them. With the technology-driven society, parties are taken with the help of various PR agencies to manage the election and make various strategies. These days the importance of technology and marketing plays a vital role. Every politician requires digital services like PR, event management, and branding to reach to the modern audience and earn their vote of trust.

In the age of branding, MakeYouBig Media Pvt. Ltd. claims to be a reliable political PR agency. The company says that its efforts in various elections, it has helped many leaders and politicians in shaping their careers.

Whether it's Uttar Pradesh 2017 of Haryana's legislative elections, MakeYouBig claims to have played a role in helping the leaders in building online presence. The CEO and founder of the agency, Ashish Gupta, say that now MakeYouBig's only mission is to make their client candidates taste a win in the upcoming Bihar elections. For this, his team of hundreds of marketing and PR professionals are doing the hard work every day and almost every hour.

Ashish Gupta says he has 15 years of experience in print and digital journalism. That he started his career with National Sahara as a reporter, Ashish has spent around six years in the reputed Dainik Jagran daily. From Meerut, Bulandsheher, to Noida, Ashish has been to various locations during his job. Ashish has always been grateful to his parents, mother, Kusum Lata Gupta, and father, late Shiv Om Gupta, for allowing him to do what he wants in life.

In one of these recent interviews, Ashish said that agencies working for booth management and war room have their software to connect voters directly to their upcoming leaders. His company MakeYouBig is capable of sending separate team members to stand in every election booth.

The company has its mobile application which claims to connect candidates with the audience. Ashish Gupta's election management agency MakeYouBig takes feedback from every booth and based on that draws out the next political strategies. He started this management and PR agency in 2016.

Talking about this journey as an entrepreneur and starting his own company, Ashish said that he knows very well that everybody needs PR at this time. He was confident that the years of experience gave him the success he was looking for. As he was from a media background, it didn't take him long to understand and get ahead in the competition. Ashish emphasized that a large part of his success also goes to the amazing team at MakeYouBig Media Pvt. Ltd., who are making efforts every day to deliver the best work.

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