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I became a bodybuilder in my 60s and now I’m unrecognizable

She’s setting the bar high.

One lawyer from Hawaii is unrecognizable after becoming a super-fit bodybuilder — at 60 years old.

Ilene Block, who is now 63, had struggled with dieting and keeping weight off for her entire life. So, when she turned the big 6-0, she decided to take a step back from things and try to eat normally, without following any sort of plan.

However, in doing this, she gained 30 pounds, which bummed her out.

It wasn’t until she saw pictures of Joan MacDonald, 76, a mega-fit architect on social media, that Block decided to turn things around. She was inspired by MacDonald’s story, as she began her fitness journey at age 70 — so Block signed up for a macro-based program in 2020.

Ilene Block explained that she had struggled with dieting and trying to achieve a perfect body her entire life.
Caters News Agency
She said that she never had much time for bodybuilding before as she was busy being a lawyer and taking care of her children.
Caters News Agency
When she was turning 60, Block decided that for her 60th year, she wasn't going to be on a diet which led to her gaining up to 30lbs. She then decided to get serious in the gym.
Caters News Agency

“Within a year I lost 40lbs and felt great,” Block told Caters.

She continued, explaining, “I’d always wanted to do a bodybuilding show, but because of my busy career as a lawyer and bringing up my kids, I could never commit to doing it during my thirties as the preparation is intense.”

With her newfound passion for fitness, the Maui-based woman decided to reach out to a coach to help her get ready to compete in bodybuilding shows, and things took off from there. She has since competed in not one, but two figure bodybuilding shows and plans on continuing.

“Even now, I can’t believe I have managed to do this,” Block admitted. “When I walked on stage, in my bikini, posing and feeling confident, I was just thinking to myself, am I really doing this?”

Ilene works out six times per week now and has competed in two bodybuilding competitions.
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Meet the 63-year-old woman who became a bodybuilder and aims to prove that life doesn't end after 50 for women.
Caters News Agency
Ilene Block said that she was the oldest women in the two bodybuilding competitions she entered.
Caters News Agency

She trains six times per week, with an emphasis on weight lifting, and even boasts that before she stepped on stage for one of her shows, she was back down to 120 pounds, which is what she weighed at her wedding in her early twenties.

“Although I used to exercise, I was never pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I was stuck in a rut with what I was doing,” Block explained.

When she competed in the two shows, she was the oldest competitor at both, which took place in the span of two weeks. The lawyer showed off her toned and trim figure by wearing a bikini and posing for the judges.

Still, despite being the oldest there, she hopes to set a precedent for other women her age.

“I want to prove that stereotypes aren’t true and that women can do whatever they want at whatever age,” Block said.

Block emphasized that she’s still blown away by her own progress and what she’s been able to accomplish.

“Even though I am older and post-menopausal, it is so fascinating to see how my body responds to training and my diet, and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve for the next show,” she said.