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Hunter Biden begs friends, dad Joe’s employees to get him off the hook

Hunter Biden has friends in high places.

Two Delaware prosecutors whom the first son’s lawyer called upon to probe Hunter’s infamous laptop have deep ties to the Biden family — while a top DOJ official who received a similar demand is a veteran of the Obama administration and liberal think tanks, an analysis by The Post has shown.

In other developments in the laptop story:

  • Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell tried to walk back his prior admission that the laptop did indeed belong to his client.
  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy dismissed the first son’s investigation demand as a “delaying tactic” and vowed lawmakers would “get to the bottom” of the computer’s secrets.
  • An attorney for repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac slammed Hunter Biden as “desperate” and trying to “blame everyone else for his own actions.”

Lowell fired off a series of letters late Wednesday calling for a criminal investigation into what happened to the laptop after it was abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019.

First State Attorney General Kathy Jennings was among those urged to look into people connected with the laptop, including Mac Isaac, and former President Donald Trump’s onetime attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Hunter Biden's lawyer attempted to have two prosecutors connected to the Biden family probe first son's laptop.
Hunter Biden’s lawyer attempted to have two prosecutors connected to the Biden family probe the first son’s laptop.

Jennings, a Democrat who was elected state AG in 2018, was tapped in 2011 by then-Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden — Hunter’s late brother — to serve as a prosecutor in the state Department of Justice.

In 2019, despite the misgivings of many Democrats about a Biden 2020 presidential run, Jennings jumped on board the day the former vice president announced he would seek the White House.

“I’ve known Joe, Jill, and the Biden family for most of my life,” Jennings wrote in a gushing Facebook post. “Joe is one of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve ever known … I’m choosing Joe because nobody understands more what it means to heal, and right now that’s what America needs.”

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings wrote in a Facebook post that she has known the Biden family for most of her life.
Facebook / Kathy Jennings

Even closer to the Biden family is Jennings’ chief deputy, Alexander Mackler, who served as Joe Biden’s press secretary in his final months as a US senator, managed Beau’s successful re-election campaign for state attorney general in 2010, and served as the elder Biden’s deputy counsel during his time as Barack Obama’s vice president.

Mackler’s name also appears frequently in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“I just finished a hellacious couple months in court,” Mackler wrote Hunter on Oct. 16, 2018 in a message with the subject line “Hey”.

“Now that I have a chance to breathe, was wondering how life is on your end,” Mackler went on. “Last you told me you were out in LA. Gimme a call sometime we can catch up. Love you brother.”

Jennings was chosen to be a state prosecutor by President Biden's late son Beau Biden when he was Delaware Attorney General.
AP Photo/The Wilmington News-Journal, Jason Minto

In Mackler’s last message to Hunter, from Feb. 3, 2019, he wished his friend a happy birthday and added, “Lost track of time down here. Hope you’re ok. Call sometime.”

Jennings’ office didn’t respond to The Post on Thursday when asked if she would recuse herself from any potential investigation given her personal and professional ties to the Bidens.

Meanwhile, another letter from Lowell was addressed to the Justice Department’s top national security official, Matthew Olsen — who held several sensitive legal positions in the Obama-Biden administration, including general counsel of the National Security Agency and director of the National Counterterrorism Center before leaving government in 2014.

While in the private sector, Olsen was a fellow at two left-leaning think tanks — the Center for a New American Security and the Center for American Progress — and wrote a number of op-eds critical of Trump and his administration.

One of those op-eds, published during the 2016 election campaign by Time, bore the provocative title: “Why ISIS Supports Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden's lawyer also sent a letter to DOJ official Matthew Olsen.
Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

When Biden nominated Olsen to head the DOJ’s National Security Division in May 2021, many Republican senators saw him as damaged goods.

“Although I appreciate Mr. Olsen’s prior public service, he no longer has the credibility necessary to fill this important role given the partisan nature of his post-government writings,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said at the time. “Institutions are only as good as the American public’s confidence in them, and Mr. Olsen would further undermine public confidence in America’s national security institutions.”

Olsen was ultimately confirmed on a near party-line vote of 53-45.

A DOJ spokesperson declined to comment Thursday when asked if Olsen would play a role in any possible Hunter laptop probe.