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DeSantis’ bid for prez: Letters to the Editor — May 27, 2023

The Issue: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ announcement that he’s running for the Republican nomination in 2024.

I voted for former President Donald Trump twice because I honestly felt his sincere desire to make America realize its true potential (“Ready to rumble,” May 25).

I also believe that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shares the same vision, supports the same America-first policies and possesses the same mental fortitude to withstand the extreme opposition he will face.

Trump changed the political playing field and exposed the swamp for what it was and is: entrenched and corrupt. Give him his due.

I think DeSantis will better articulate their agenda going forward.

Jerry Chiappetta


I would love to see The Post explore whether Trump’s campaign realizes how much his non-stop slander turns off ­potential Trump voters.

I remember one of his State of the Union addresses in which he listed out all of the promises he had made and the ways in which he had fulfilled them.

I was proud to support that Trump.

When he began name-calling and slandering DeSantis, I realized that, while I would like to give Trump another four years to do what he did once before, I cannot bring myself to vote for a man so lacking in character that he cannot tame his abusive tongue.

Rick Craft

Albuquerque, NM

All I need to know about DeSantis is that he worked at Gitmo and volunteered in the illegal war in Iraq.

Ron is not the well-grounded and well-mannered version of Trump that the media makes him out to be.

I would say he is more like a version of George W. Bush with better grammar or a Dick Cheney with a full head of hair.

Ed Frond

Weeping Water, Neb.

DeSantis is taking a big risk by running.

He’s ­relying on an indictment of Trump to keep Don out of the primary.

Numbers don’t lie.

Trump has the sympathy of a lot more people since the Durham Report proved the Dem conspiracy against him.

That translates to votes.

Floridians may fare worse from this.

If De­Santis resigns as governor, he could be replaced by a so-called conservative who will undo everything Ron did.

He should have backed Trump and sat out four years.

Storm Destro

Bayonne, NJ

As expected, DeSantis has joined the presidential race, and that’s just fine.

However, my first choice is still Trump, who has more connections and the will and know-how to find solutions for the United States.

When Trump says he can finish the Ukraine-Russia war in no time, I am sure he can.

I’m also sure he can sort out the wokeism in the US Army and look after veterans and Americans much better than anyone else.

Also, he can make America energy-independent again and, in general, “sort things out.”

Hans Sander

Gordon, Australia

I urge my friends on the right to support DeSantis for president.

If Trump is the nominee, all we can expect to hear from him is a rehashing of the 2020 election.

The Trump grievance machine will accomplish nothing but drive away swing voters and guarantee four more years of the Biden debacle.

It is time to pass the mantle of leadership to a new generation of Americans.

Both President Biden and Trump are too old to face the myriad challenges that face the nation.

I urge my fellow Republicans to get behind DeSantis.

Kenneth Fitzgerald


Due to his unadulterated common sense, De­Santis is the most successful governor in the nation and a formidable candidate for 2024.

It is because DeSantis chose facts over fear, education over indoctrination, law and order over rioting and disorder, that Florida is growing by leaps and bounds as people are uprooting themselves and choosing the Sunshine State for their new home.

If there was ever a state to be used as a model for the entire nation, it would have to be Florida, due to DeSantis’ strong leadership.

As a proven leader, DeSantis will make America great again.

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

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