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Bryan Cranston Recalls the Time He and Aaron Paul Ate “All the Methamphetamine” on ‘Breaking Bad’

You can always count on Hot Ones — the YouTube talk show where celebrities eat increasingly spicier chicken wings while answering questions about their careers — to bring out the weirdest, wildest Hollywood stories.

While appearing on the show this week, Bryan Cranston spoke to host Sean Evans about his many roles over the years, including the one that earned him four Emmy Awards: Walter White, the character he played in Breaking Bad for five seasons.

When a curious Evans asked Cranston what the blue meth that featured heavily on the show was actually made of, Cranston explained that it was simply blue-tinted rock candy, and he recalled one occasion on set where he and co-star Aaron Paul decided to taste the product themselves.

“I never tasted it until one night, we were working, it was probably the 16th or 17th hour, we’re working in our dungeon downstairs, our lab,” Cranston began. “And I see Aaron Paul reach into our product, a handful of our product, and he starts throwing the methamphetamine in his mouth. I go, What are you doing? You can’t eat the product.”

“He goes, ‘I’m getting so tired.’ I said, ‘You’re really getting a high off this?’ It’s like, ‘Well, it’s sugar.’ And he goes, ‘You’ve tasted it.’ I go, ‘No, I haven’t tasted it.’ He goes, ‘Oh, you should taste it.’ I go, ‘No, I don’t think so,'” Cranston said.

He continued, “And I guess I was still in character because Walter White wouldn’t. And he goes, ‘You gotta have one. Yo, have one,’ is what he would say. And so, ‘All right, to shut you up,’ I tasted one and it was like, ‘That’s pretty good.’ And so they rolled the camera and he and I are just talking and eating all the methamphetamine.”

While the meth seemed to go down easy, the hot wings were a tougher challenge. You can check out Cranston’s entire appearance on Hot Ones in the clip above.