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Arrest warrants issued in case of Maryland dad fatally beaten defending son from bullies: source

Police have secured arrest warrants in the beating death of a devoted Maryland dad who was trying to shield his son from a pack of bullies, a source familiar with the probe told the Post on Monday.

Another source with knowledge of the investigation added that the suspects could be rounded up and charged sometime this week.

Christopher Wright, 43, suffered fatal brain damage last week after three teenagers and two adults descended on his Brooklyn Park home to confront his14-year-old son, Trenton.

Footage of the deadly incident shows Wright desperately trying to fend off the assailants before being thrown to the ground and pummeled.

It’s not clear why the suspects have not been arrested yet, with Wright’s friends and family questioning the delay.

Sources have told The Post that investigators may have been initially balking at filing raps because the dad threw the initial punch.

Christopher Wright

Wright’s fiancee, Tracy Karopchinsky, has said her son Trenton feels responsible for the fight that robbed him of a parent, according to the Baltimore Banner.

The initial dispute between Trenton and some kids was sparked over $30, she previously told The Post.

A neighbor Sunday recalled hearing another son of Wright’s screaming, “Daddy!” as the attackers fled the scene.


“That little kid’s scream is a scream that you’ll never forget,” the resident said. “It was ear-piercing, his scream was. It was awful.”

The neighbor described Wright as a doting “Mr. Mom” who tended to the kids while Karopchinsky labored at multiple jobs.

Wright posted a joyous message on Facebook celebrating his family’s new home not long before he was murdered directly in front of it.

Wright and his kids.

“I Love Cooking In The Kitchen With The Whole Family Sitting At The Dining Room Table Having Dinner Together Is Priceless!!” he wrote.

In his last social-media post May 5, Wright put up a text image that read: “No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each day and be thankful you still have one.”